Good servicing is vital for safe, economical driving. Regular servicing is essential for your car, it can improve your cars performance and overall longevity.

Servicing can include the following:



  • Engine oil

  • Engine oil filter

  • Spark plugs

  • Diesel fuel filter

  • Air filter



  • Windscreen washer

  • Power steering fluid

  • Brake and clutch fluid

  • Coolant and antifreeze


  • Reset service light

  • Oil doors and hinges

  • Rotate & balance wheels, reset wheel torques

  • Adjust handbrake travel



  • Exterior lights

  • Interior light

  • Horn

  • Wiper blades and washer operation

  • Battery condition and security

  • Uneven tyre wear

  • Tyre tread depths/ condition (inc spare)

  • Seat belt operation and condition

  • Steering, suspension

  • Ball joints, links, wishbones, bushes etc.

  • Front brake pads & discs

  • Rear brake pads & discs

  • Rear brake shoes, cylinders and drums

  • Shock absorber condition and wear

  • Driveshaft and CV Boot/gaiters

  • Check brake lines and hoses for leaks and wear

  • Check engine and gearbox for oil leaks

  • Check gearbox and axle oil levels

  • Inspect the exhaust system condition (incl. mountings)

  • Check and adjust all auxiliary drive belts

  • Check cooling system for leaks and operation

  • Run Engine diagnostic test and check for stored faults